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Also known as ergometers, rowing machines are the perfect means of indulging in a full-body workout. These are known to work up nearly 86% of the body’s muscles, including abdominal muscles, upper back, obliques, arms and pecs. As a result, these are the right choice for those who wish to build up strength and endurance while toning the muscles.

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If you want a workout that will push your body harder than ever before, then look no further than our range of rowing machines. At Emirates Sports Stores, we take pride in presenting an extensive range of products, all aimed at fulfilling our customers’ fitness goals, including rowing machines. With our wide range of high-quality equipment, we can provide you with everything that you need to get started on your fitness journey. And if you need any advice on how to use our equipment, just ask – our team is always happy to help!

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You don’t have time for gym memberships anymore? No problem! With an Emirates Sports rowing machine at home, all those hours spent commuting will be transformed into workout sessions instead! Get fit from the comfort of your own home with one of our high-quality rowing machines today and start seeing results tomorrow!

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