5 ways to build your self-confidence like an athlete

Release Date: March 1, 2021

“The thing that was always the most constant was the game. That was the refuge. That was the place I could go and have complete familiarity no matter where I was… whether I got along with the kids or didn’t get along with the kids, it didn’t matter because I always had my ball.” 

Kobe Bryant, in his documentary Muse.

By now, we’ve all heard about the numerous physical advantages of sports. There’s a constant stream of research to prove what we already know – living an active lifestyle will help us lose weight, rebound from heart attacks, and even reduce our risk of certain cancers, among other things.

However, recent research has discovered a link between sport and confidence. In support of the statistics, a number of sporting life legends have spoken out about their decisive experiences with sport and how it has aided them to find value in themselves as well as enhance other facets of their lives.

How perceiving confidence through sports different?

What is exceptionally particular about acquiring confidence through sport is that it teaches you to base your confidence on the hard work you put in. An athlete cannot hope to win if he doesn’t train hard and consistently. Similarly, understanding that your body and mind are in top shape gives you faith that you’ll be able to endeavour even though you’re up against intimidating opponents. Since you’ve seen your abilities develop, you have confidence in them.

 The same can be said outside of sports for most of our lives. When you have self-confidence built on hard work and if you don’t excel, you’ll be able to keep your spirit up by your optimistic abilities to bring in the effort and change. Most importantly, being confident in your daily life can help you succeed because personalities seek out confident people. An athletes’ best friend is confidence. It’s his confidence in himself as a performer. 

So, here are 5 techniques to remember when you wonder how sports build your self-confidence 

Before you begin…

As a child or an adult, we reflect with pride on the journey we began that helped us evolve into a positive and confident person. One of the most essential parts of staying motivated is to love what you do, even in your sport. 

Make More Friends

Participating in athletics allows you to meet new people, which is very beneficial. It’s rewarding to connect with others and learn about trust and teamwork. It’s also an excellent way to improve your self-esteem by getting to collaborate with a diverse community of people. Being a group member is motivating; as people come together to engage in a fun activity, they generate a group spark.

Teaches to Handle Stress

Sporting activities are a great form of relaxation. Being able to turn your motivation into sports will help you deal with obstacles in your life.

Mia Hamm, a US soccer player, told Time how sports empowered her and gave her confidence. “I just know how it [sports] empowered me. I was a really young, shy kid who was also from a military family, so we moved every 2-3 years. And sports were an easy way to make a connection when we moved to a new base, a new town, to people with similar interests. And I think it really helped give me confidence not only with that move but with the feeling that I could contribute.

Mistakes are Great

One of the great things about sports is that it is a safe place to make mistakes; they are a natural part that makes the game. What do you do when you make mistakes? Learn from it! The tendency to stay calm, optimistic, and steady in the face of defeats is attributed to resilience. A resilient athlete is one who can let go of past mistakes and focus on the current. So, use the error as an opportunity to learn and improve. Developing this skill will help you throughout the journey of life.

Increases Positive Energy

A good performance on the field will actually bring you joy. Get out there and have fun! Endorphins and other happy brain chemicals are produced in your brain and emitted, boosting your mood. Your increased attitude will trickle over into other areas of your life, which indeed can make you a better performer at work and build bonds with friends and relatives. Cook this recipe for increasing your self-confidence.

Builds success every day  

Confidence is not an elevator – you will push a button and reach the roof. But it’s a state of mind where one has to take the staircase to reach the level they are aiming for. Set up goals, seek experience from others, and constantly practice. You build confidence on every successful training – even the smallest of successes – your confidence rises. So, imagine raising confidence, even if it’s a small amount each day, where you’ll be in one month, six months, or a year!

Make It Happen

Realize that confidence fluctuates for all of us — even of the most eminent level of athletes. It’s not an all-or-nothing case when it comes to confidence. It’s a fluctuating state of mind, so don’t be too harsh on yourself if your morale is down. Concentrate on doing right, and your faith will rise as a result. Also, reflect on yourself and not on others. Since this is your sporting future, you must think about what you need to do to develop. And as an athlete, you improve as a mate as well.

Have faith in the process, regardless of the results. Since you’re concentrating on what you can control, as you focus on enhancing the results — the method of improving — you build confidence. You can’t predict what will happen; you could play your best game ever and still lose. Yeah, you’ll be upset if you fail, but your belief will stay strong, and you’ll know you ‘were all in.’ It’s important to learn from your mistakes, but you shouldn’t dwell on them. So, focus on yourself and focus on what you’re doing right.

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